Lingua Franca Nova - English dictionary now available as pdf

Sunday, September 28, 2008

At this link. It's always nice to have a dictionary available as a pdf because it makes the language look that much more professional, which is important for a language like LFN which still has its request for its own Wikipedia pending.

Recently (for about two months or so) there has been a lot of activity on the LFN wiki about new words and syntax, which is really good to see as it gives the language a good hammering out, and also creates a lot of new words at the same time (but through actual use) which is necessary for a language that wants to have its own Wikipedia. I know the arguments about limiting vocabulary, but the only vocabulary that should be limited are duplicate words like dog and hound, or knight and cavalier. There's no sense in trying to use a language that isn't capable of being used in fields like science, medicine and astronomy for example.


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