Joe Biden should bring a pianist with him to stump speeches

Monday, September 08, 2008

I saw this clip yesterday but today somebody resubmitted it to YouTube with music and the atmosphere's completely different:

Actually, the Daily Show had a similar piece yesterday too where the news team is striding forth to rip sh*t up at the convention when they realize the atmosphere's wrong for a convention on small town values and they change it to a swell 50s-type atmosphere instead:


Anonymous said...

Regarding the Daily Show video, one of the things I like least about the modern GOP is how they presume to speak for all rural Americans. Most if not nearly all of the so-called conservative writers who extol small-town values didn't grow up in one and would rather live in a big city. And then they stereotype people who do as all loving NASCAR, deer hunting, Wal-Mart and foreign wars, which really reveals a lot more about them than us.

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