Russian troops move quickly in and out of Senaki in Georgia near Abkhazia / Ruslar, Abhazya yakınlarında bulunan Senaki'den çekildi

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Zugdidi (Georgian: ზუგდიდი), right on the border with Abkhazia, is apparently still under Russian control. This is Freedom Square.

A small piece of news in Turkish here:

Rus askeri Gürcistan'da!
Russian soldiers in Georgia
Gürcistan topraklarına giren Ruslar ilerlemesini sürdürüyor...
Russians have gone into Georgian territory and continue to advance...
Gori'nin ele geçirildiği ve Tiflis'e doğru Rusların ilerlediği yönünde gelen haberleri ise Rus Savunma Bakanlığı yalanladı. Bu arada Ruslar, Abhazya yakınlarında bulunan Senaki'den çekildi. Zugdidi ve Kunda'da hala Rusların denetiminde. Gürcistan'ın askerlerini Tiflis'e doğru kaydırdığı da bildirildi.
The Russian Ministry of Defence declared the news that Gori was taken and that Russians were advancing to Tbilisi to be untrue. Meanwhile, Russians have left Senaki, located close to Abkhazia. Zugdidi and Kunda are still under Russian control. It was also reported that Georgia moved its troops straight to Tbilisi.

Wikipedia also gives the following on their page on Senaki (სენაკი):
During the South Ossetian war of 2008 Senaki was captured by Russian troops on 11th August. The troops left the same day after destroying the military base, according to Russian sources.
The population of the town is 28,082 by the way.


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