Overview of (in my opinion) the three best online Turkish dictionaries

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Çok ciltli Latince bir sözlük (Graz Üniversitesi Kütüphanesi'nden)

The three best that I know of, anyway. Turkish luckily is a language that is blessed with a large amount of really good online dictionaries, something that is somewhat lacking in a language like Norwegian and severely lacking with a language like Afrikaans. Each of them have their own strong and weak points, making each of them useful at some time or another.

The first one is available at http://www.turkishdictionary.net/ and comes up first on Google when you do a search for Turkish dictionary. This one is the fastest of the three, and so is best when you are doing a translation, know a word and just can't think of the most appropriate English term, or when you have a few words to look up and want to do it fast. It also recognizes when you input a word without diacritics, so typing in anlasmak will turn up the following:
The meaning of anlasmak was not found in our dictionary.

Maybe you meant one of these:
anlaşmak, anlaşma, anlaş, anlamak, an, anmak
whereupon you click on the one you were actually looking for. It's actually faster than clicking on the ş character just above the input box, and is even faster still when you have a word with a lot of diacritics, like düşünmek.

The second one is available at http://www.langtolang.com/, a site that has a lot of other languages besides English and Turkish. Select Turkish on the left and English on the right. This dictionary's strong point is that it recognizes words as you type and also recognizes them in spite of diacritics as well, and it is also more detailed at the same time, showing other results with more than one word that you might be looking for. That means that you don't have to look up bu to find bu arada for example, because bu a alone will turn it up, along with bu aralar, which also starts with the same letters. This dictionary is sixth on the first page of a Google search for Turkish dictionary.

The third one is the slowest and fails to recognize letters without diacritics when the word has them, but it more than makes up for this with its absolutely amazing amount of detail. It's located at http://www.tureng.com and has a total of 1,992,724 (!) words. It's also important to note because it doesn't even turn up in the first ten pages of a Google search for Turkish language, in spite of being the most detailed. Let's take the word geçiş for an example of this. The first dictionary gives us the following:
1. passing, crossing.
2. transition.
3. mus. transition; modulation.
4. intermediate tone between two primary colors.

__ belgesi passport.

__ dönemi transition period.

__ üstünlüğü traffic right of way.
Not bad, certainly nothing wrong with that entry. The second dictionary gives us the following:

geçiş changeover
geçiş crossing
geçiş pass
geçiş passage
geçiş progression
geçiş transit
geçiş transition
geçiş modulation

along with eight other compound words that show up while typing it in, so somewhat more detailed than the first. Okay, what does tureng.com give us for geçiş?

(removed formatting)
geçiş meaning : 22 Result(s)

Category Turkish English
General geçiş changeover
General geçiş crossing
General geçiş gradation
General geçiş modulate
General geçiş modulation
General geçiş pass
General geçiş passage
General geçiş passing
General geçiş transilience
General geçiş transit
General geçiş transition
Military geçiş transition
Computer geçiş migration
Computer geçiş run
Marine Biology geçiş pivot
Food Engineering geçiş migration
Automotive geçiş overtaking
Automotive geçiş transfer
Technical geçiş interpass
Technical geçiş passage
Technical geçiş transition
Trade/Economic geçiş transition

geçiş meanings acquired in other collocations : 178 Result(s)

Category Turkish English
General alt geçiş lower culmination
General doğrudan geçiş transit
General geçiş belgesi passport
General geçiş dönemi transitional period
General geçiş hakkı right of way
General geçiş hareketi enpassant
General geçiş havuzu lock
General geçiş izni safe conduct
General geçiş izni pass
General geçiş izni clearance
General geçiş müddeti time length
General geçiş parası toll
General geçiş parası turnpike
General geçiş ülkesi transition country
General geçiş vizesi transit visa
General geçiş yeri crossing
General geçiş yeri crossover
General geçiş yeri ferry
General geçiş yeri passageway
General geçiş yok no passing
General geçiş yolu thoroughfare
General geçiş yolu saleslady
General geçiş yolu passageway
General hızlı geçiş whirl
General izinli geçiş allowed transition
General kartlı geçiş card entrance
General nakit geçiş cash toll
General serbest geçiş fairway
General sınavsız geçiş open admission
General transit geçiş transiting
General transit geçiş transit pass
General transit geçiş transit
General yandan geçiş lateral pass
Military acele geçiş hasty crossing
Military dumi geçiş dummy run
Military geçiş belgesi safe conduct
Military geçiş bölgesi transient area
Military geçiş bölgesi crossing area
Military geçiş düzeyi transition level
Military geçiş eğitimi transition training
Military geçiş hakları wayleaves
Military geçiş irtifası transition altitude
Military geçiş noktası midpoint
Military geçiş noktası passage point
Military geçiş şeridi passage lanes
Military geçiş seviyesi transition level
Military geçiş tabakası transition layer
Military geçiş yeri crossing site
Military geçiş yolu causeway
Military geçiş zamanı clearance time
Military geçiş zamanı pass time
Military rahat geçiş smooth transition
Military zararsız geçiş innocent passage
Computer 1-geçiş rengi 1-pass color
Computer eklemeye geçiş toggle insert
Computer geçiş kartı transition card
Computer geçiş rengi pass color
Computer geçiş süresi pass time
Computer geçiş süresi run time
Computer geçiş tepsisi bypass tray
Computer geçiş tuşları togglekeys
Computer geçiş tuşu hot key
Computer geçiş yap switch to
Computer geçiş yap traverse
Computer geçiş yapmak switch to
Computer geçiş yok no transition
Computer koşut geçiş parallel run
Computer normal geçiş normal pan
Computer öncü geçiş pilot run
Computer otomatik geçiş autoswitch
Computer paralel geçiş parallel run
Computer rastgele geçiş random transition
Computer yasak geçiş forbidden transition
Computer yeniden geçiş rerun
Biochemistry geçiş yüzdesi percent transmittance
Marine Biology geçiş alanı transition area
Marine Biology geçiş fosili coelacanth
Marine Biology geçiş yüzdesi percent transmittence
Marine geçiş tüpü stage bottle
Marine geçiş yüzeyi transition surface
Linguistics açık geçiş open juncture
Linguistics geçiş notu pass mark
Linguistics geçiş sesi transitional sound
Linguistics geçiş sesleri liaison
Linguistics geçiş sesleri linking
Linguistics iç geçiş internal hiatus
Education dikey geçiş vertical transfer
Education otomatik geçiş automatic transfer
Education yatay geçiş lateral transfer
Education yatay geçiş undergraduate transfer
Electric geçiş akımı transfer current
Electric geçiş bölgesi depletion layer
Electric geçiş bölgesi transition region
Electric geçiş celisi transfer impedance
Electric geçiş frekansı crossover frequency
Electric geçiş iletimi transconductance
Electric geçiş iletimi mutual conductance
Electric geçiş sabiti transfer constant
Electric geçiş süresi transit time
Electric geçiş zamanı transit time
Physics geçiş frekansı transition frequency
Physics geçiş işlevi transfer function
Physics kapalı geçiş closed transition
Physics yasak geçiş forbidden transition
Food Engineering geçiş bölgesi transition region
Food Engineering yandan geçiş bypass
Astronomy alt geçiş lower culmination
Astronomy geçiş aracı transit instrument
Astronomy üst geçiş upper culmination
Aeronautic geçiş eğitimi transition training
Aeronautic geçiş yolu fillet
Aeronautic palyeye geçiş flatten-out
Aeronautic üst geçiş overflight
Law geçiş hakkı wayleave
Construction geçiş metali transition metal
Chemistry geçiş öğesi transition element
Chemistry geçiş süresi transition time
Math geçiş dizeyi transition matrix
Math geçiş matrisi transition matrix
Meteorology geçiş iklimi transition climate
Psychology geçiş nesnesi transitional object
Politics geçiş dönemi transition period
Politics geçiş dönemi transitional stage
Technical akmaya geçiş liquid limit
Technical birden geçiş sudden transition
Technical çapraz geçiş traverse
Technical çarpık geçiş warped transition
Technical dar geçiş closefitting
Technical düz geçiş pass-through
Technical geçiş akımı transfer current
Technical geçiş akışı transition flow
Technical geçiş alanı transit area
Technical geçiş bağı hot link
Technical geçiş bölgesi transition region
Technical geçiş bölgesi zone of transition
Technical geçiş boyu transition length
Technical geçiş celisi transfer impedance
Technical geçiş görev function of transfer
Technical geçiş hakkı easement
Technical geçiş halı non steady-state
Technical geçiş iletimi transconductance
Technical geçiş izni safe-conduct
Technical geçiş karbürü transition carbide
Technical geçiş kartı transition card
Technical geçiş metali transition metal
Technical geçiş noktası transition point
Technical geçiş parçası transition piece
Technical geçiş sabiti transfer constant
Technical geçiş süresi transit time
Technical geçiş süresi pass time
Technical geçiş tecimi transit trade
Technical geçiş tuşları toggle keys
Technical geçiş tuşu toggle button
Technical geçiş yeri passing place
Technical geçiş zamanı transit time
Technical geçiş zamanı run time
Technical öncü geçiş pilot run
Technical paralel geçiş parallel run
Technical termal geçiş thermal crossover
Technical uygun geçiş proper transition
Technical uygun geçiş regular transition
Textile geçiş sezonu transition season
Telecom geçiş borusu transition tube
Telecom geçiş borusu transition pipe
Trade/Economic geçiş aşaması transitional stage
Trade/Economic geçiş dönemi transition period
Trade/Economic geçiş hakkı way leave
Trade/Economic geçiş hakkı right of way
Trade/Economic geçiş halinde in transit
Trade/Economic geçiş izni safe conduct
Trade/Economic geçiş ücreti toll
Traffic geçiş eğrisi transition curve
Traffic geçiş hakkı right-of-way
Traffic geçiş hakkı right of way
Traffic üstten geçiş overcrossing
Traffic üstten geçiş pedestrian bridge
Traffic üstten geçiş footbridge
Volleyball geçiş dönemi interim

Daaaaamn, that is detailed! It's obvious here that Tureng.com is the one you want when looking up obscure compound words. It works the other way too when looking up words from English:
pedestrian bridge

General pedestrian bridge yaya köprüsü
Traffic pedestrian bridge köprülü kavşak
Traffic pedestrian bridge üstgeçit
Traffic pedestrian bridge üstten geçiş
These three dictionaries alone should give you all you need. Any others I don't know about?


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