News in Occidental from early August - Serbia, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, BTC Pipeline, Georgia, South Ossetia, Russia, etc.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hofvijver and the buildings of the Dutch parliament, in The Hague (Den Haag).

Every week or so on the Occidental Yahoo! Group there is some news in Occidental from events that occurred the week before, and I like to translate them into English here to give the language some more publicity. This week's summary of the news has a lot more content than last week (which is why I didn't do it). Here it is:
The 3rd of August 2008, Sunday
- Li serbic presidento Boris Tadić ha hodie promesset capter ancor altri militari malefatores. Ye alcunc díes ante nu, Radovan Karažić ha esset transportat al tribunale in Den Haag.
The Serbian president Boris Tadic has today promissed to capture still more war criminals. Some days before now, Radowan Karažić was transported to the tribunal in The Hague.
- Un pánic currida in un temple hindúistic in Naina Devi, state de Himachal Pradesh, nord-India, ha devenit un cause de mortes de plu quam 140 peregrines, includent 40 infantes.
A panic race in a hindu temple in Naina Devi, in the state of Himachal Pradesh in northern Inda, has been a cause of the deaths of over 140 pilgrims, including 40 children.
- Durant li nocte recent, un camion plenissim ha cadet a in un fluvie in li índic state de Bihar. Plu quam triant homes ha mortat e circum deci vulnerat.
During the night before, a truck packed full fell into a river in the Indian state of Bihar. More than thirty men have died and about ten were injured.
The 4th of August 2008, Monday
- Alexándr Solzhenítsyn, li russ autoro, ha mortat in li nocte recent in su dom in Moskvá in li etá de 89 annus. Li cause exact del morte ancor ne es clar, ma maxim probábil es infarct del cordie o cerebral accidente vasculari. Solzhenitsyn ha recentmen havet hypertension. Solzhenitsyn ha devenit celebri pro su libres "Un díe de Ivan Denisovich" e "Li archipélago de GULAG".
Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the Russian author, has died last night in his house in Moscow at the age of 89 years. The exact cause of the death is not yet clear, but the largest probability is that of a heart attack* or a vascular cerebral accident. Solzhenitsyn had recent had hypertension. Solzhenitsyn was famous for his books "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" and "The Gulag Archipelago".
The 6th of August, Wednesday
- In ost-Turkia, li naphthaducte international Bakı-Tbilisi-Ceyhan, quel transporta naphtha del Mare Caspian al Mediterraneo, ha explodet. Li cause del explosion ha probábilmen esset kurd rebelles. Li explosion del naphthaducte ha un poc augmentat li precie de naphtha in borses international.
In east Turkey, the international Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline, which transports oil from the Caspian sea to the Mediterranian, has exploded. The cause of the explosion has probably been Kurdish rebels. The pipeline explosion has increased the price of oil slightly on international markets.
- Li tot-mundal conferrentie pri morbes de immunitá ha yer commensat in Ciudad de México. Secun expertes, 7500 homes es infectet per un morbe de immunitá in omni díe in li tot munde.
The worldwide conference on AIDS has begun yesterday in Mexico City. According to experts, 7500 people are infected by AIDS every day throughout the world.
The 8th of August 2008, Wednesday
- Un tren rapid Kraków-Praha ha chocat un ponte próxim li cité de Studénka in Tchechia, quo ha resultat ye sett homes mortat (quin tcheches, un polonese, un ukrainiane) e circum settant vulnerat.
A rapid train from Krakow to Prague has hit a bridge close to the city of Studenka in the Czech Republic, which has resulted in seven people dying (five from the Czech Republic, one from Poland, one from Ukraine), and about seventy wounded.
- Li 29im ludes olympic estival ha commensat hovéspere in li cité capital chinesi Beijing.
The 29th Olympic Summer Games have begun this evening in the Chinese capital Beijing.
The 9th of August 2008, Saturday
- Tchech fusilera Kateřina Emmons ha ganiat li prim aurin medallie in li competition ye 10 metres de féminas per un arme de aere compresset, súperant un récord olympic in resultates de e qualification e finale.
Czech riflist Katerina Emmons has won the first gold medal in the 10 metre competition in women's compressed air rifle, passing an olympic record in results in both the qualifying and final rounds.
- Russia e Georgia battallia un guerre in Sud-Ossetia pos que un yeral armisticie ha esset violat, quande Georgia ha commensat li plen offensive. Testimones ha dit, que centes de civiles ha esset mortat e Russia ha rapportat 12 mortat mantenentes de pace e 30 vulnerat. Sud-ossetes ha estimat 1400 mortat civiles in li prim díe de georgian offensive, pro que armé georgian ha commensat bombardat Tskhinval per raketes, li cité capital de Sud-Ossetia (de iure un parte de Georgia, til nu de facto un república índependent).
Russia and Georgia are fighting a war in South Ossetia after a year-long armistice has been violated, when Georgia begun the full offensive. Witnesses have said that hundreds of civilians have been killed and Russia has reported 12 dead peacekeepers and 30 wounded. South Ossetians have estimated 1400 dead civilians in the first day of the Georgian offensive, as the Georgian army has begun bombarding Tskhinval with rockets, the capital city of South Ossetia (de jure a part of Georgia, till now de facto an independent republic).


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