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Friday, August 08, 2008

The Dark Knight was finally released over here in Korea two days ago and the long weeks of torture are finally over. Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker was simply stunning and most of the online world seems to agree as well. There's a video here for example that compares the two Jokers and the comments below pretty much all agree that this new performance simply has no match.

I thought I would check for the same debate in Spanish language pages as well, and doing a search for "el Joker" Nicholson Ledger mejor turns up this page, where they argue over the same thing, and then into the comics and how serious a comic Batman really was (BTW the Joker is also called el Guasón in Spanish). The first commenter notes that Joker was quite psychopathic in the comics as well, but then in the middle of all this another poster brought up this version of Batman I've never seen before that I'm ever so glad doesn't exist anymore:

"Featuring the Rainbow Batman"?!! Let's just take a moment and give thanks that this Batman is now nowhere to be found.


Unknown said...

Hahahaha! Rainbow Batman...

I miss the 1960s comedy series whose main character was a fat Batman. I think it was the best Batman ever.

(Sorry, hardcore fans, I prefer comedy.)

Anonymous said...

HAHA! Oh my god that's hilarious. Oh Rainbow Batman... You're so silly...

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