Comparison of content on Barack Obama's blog vs. John McCain's

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Landstuhl's coat of arms. McCain's blog has a fondness for the word Landstuhl.

Here's an interesting image created from an analysis of the blogs of both Barack Obama and John McCain, a nice way to determine the focus of the message of each candidate.

So, what's the most frequent word on Barack Obama's blog? Obama.
What about the most frequent word on John McCain's blog? Obama.

No surprise there. Here are some other frequent words:
  • Barack Obama: campaign, change, senator, future, supporters, election, hope, never, first, time, donated, new, just, like, grassroots, challenges.
  • John McCain: hospital, canceled, pentagon, campaign, troops, opposes, drilling, nuclear, staff, skipped, plane, press, decision, landstuhl.
I like how this one anonymous editor has removed a paragraph from the Landstuhl article for 'national security'. Yes, now no one will ever know where it is (and it wouldn't matter anyway) in spite of the fact that it was talked about on national tv for about a whole week.


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