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Friday, July 25, 2008

Another article just about to go up on the did you know...? section of the Main Page (oh wait, it just went up a minute ago) that I've translated into Interlingua to bring attention, however slight, to international auxiliary languages. This article was admittedly quite boring. After getting home there was quite an interesting article that I could have done but it had already gone up a bit over an hour before which only leaves maybe three hours at best on the Main Page and I had some other things to do first, so I was left with this library article to do.

Personally I would love to go there (been to Taiwan twice but not for that long) to look at the documents on the Japanese colonial period, because I've read quite a bit about it here and it's interesting that Taiwan really doesn't hate Japan at all (Korea does for the most part) in spite of being ruled by them during the same period of time.

Well, actually I have some idea of why that's the case but I'd rather not get into the subject just now. Part of it has to do with the smaller distance between Korea and Japan, and the other one has to do with the fact that Taiwan was colonized a lot more and certainly wasn't in the position to turn their back on any potential allies as a country.

Now to the article:

English Interlingua

The National Taiwan Library is the oldest public library in Taiwan. Founded in 1914, the library is home to a large collection of documents concerning the history, culture, politics and geography of Taiwan.

Le Bibliotheca National de Taiwan es le plus vetule public bibliotheca in Taiwan. Fundate in 1914, le bibliotheca es le loco de un grande collection de documentos super le historia, cultura, politica e geographia de Taiwan.


The library was founded in 1914 during the Japanese colonial period as the Imperial Taiwan Library (台湾總督府図書館 Taiwan satoshi toku fu toshokan) on the order of governor Sakuma Samata. The library's first permanent home on Bo'ai Road (博愛路) in Taipei was destroyed in a US bombing raid during World War II.


Le bibliotheca esseva fundate in 1914 durante le periodo de colonisation japonese como le Imperial Bibliotheca de Taiwan (台湾總督府図書館, Taiwan satoshi toku fu toshokan) sub le ordine de governator Sakuma Samata. Le prime permanente loco del bibliotheca esseva in Via Bo'ai (博愛路) in Taipei ma esseva destruite in un incursion de bombardamento american durante le Secunde Guerra Mundial.

After the Nationalists took over control of the island following Japan's defeat in WWII, the library was renamed the Taiwan Provincial Library (traditional Chinese: 臺灣省圖書館; pinyin: Táiwān-Shěng Túshūguǎn) and moved to temporary accommodation.

Post que le nationalistas (le Kuomintang) prendeva controlo del insula post le defaite de Japon, le bibliotheca esseva donate le nomine Bibliotheca Provincial de Taiwan (臺灣省圖書館, Táiwān-Shěng Túshūguǎn) e esseva movite provisorimente.

In 1947 it was again renamed, this time to Taiwan Provincial Taipei Library (traditional Chinese: 臺灣省立臺北圖書館; pinyin: Táiwān Shěnglì Táiběi Túshūguǎn) and it was under this name that the library was relocated to Xinsheng South Road (新生南路) in 1963.

In 1947 illo recipeva un nove nomine, le Bibliotheca Provincial de Taipei in Taiwan (臺灣省立臺北圖書館, Táiwān Shěnglì Táiběi Túshūguǎn) e sub iste nomine le bibliotheca esseva movita a Via Sud de Xinsheng (新生南路) in 1963.

The current name of the library was chosen in 1973, with the full official title being National Central Library, Taiwan Branch (traditional Chinese: 國立中央圖書館臺灣分館; pinyin: Guólì Zhōngyāng Túshūguǎn Táiwān Fēnguǎn). After outgrowing the premises in Taipei, the library was relocated to the 8-23 Memorial Park in Jhonghe, Taipei County in 2004.

Le actual nomine del bibliotheca esseva seligite in 1973 con le nomine official de National Bibliotheca Central, Branca Taiwan (國立中央圖書館臺灣分館, Guólì Zhōngyāng Túshūguǎn Táiwān Fēnguǎn). Post devenir troppo grande pro le premissas in Taipei, le bibliotheca esseva movite a 8-23 Parco de Memorial in Jhonghe, Contato de Taipei in 2004.


The library is home to a large collection of documents related to Taiwan, some dating back to the Qing Dynasty era in Taiwan (i.e. pre-1895). There are 210,000 documents from the Japanese era (1895-1945) and the collection has been continuously added to since then. The library's aim is to provide a dedicated research centre for people interested in Taiwan Studies... (more follows from here in English)


Le bibliotheca ha un grande collection de documentos super Taiwan, con documentos usque al Dynastia Qing in Taiwan, ante le anno 1895. Existe 210,000 documentos del era japonese (1895-1945) e le collection ha essite expandite continuemente. Le scopo del bibliotheca es provider un centro de recerca dedicate a personas qui ha interesse in studios super Taiwan.


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