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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Considering the comparative size of the dictionaries I have it's usually a better idea to go with Interlingua when the subject is political or has a lot of place names. There's a page on Henry Okah just about to go on the did you know...? section of the Main Page, whom you can read about here on called "The Nigerian rebel who "taxes" your gasoline".

As always, the goal in this is to get attention paid to international auxiliary languages while also learning something at the same time.

English Interlingua

Henry Okah is a Nigerian guerrilla leader of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND). The insurgent organization wreaks havoc on international oil companies operating in the Niger Delta by sabotaging facilities and kidnapping employees, limiting Nigeria's output and jacking up the price of oil.

Henry Okah es un chef de guerrilleros nigerian del Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (Movimento pro le Emancipation del Niger Delta, o MEND). Le organisation rebelle causa devastation a international companias de petroleo que opera in le Niger Delta per sabotar facilitates e sequestrar empleatos, limitar le production de Nigeria e augmentar le precio de petroleo.

It announced its creation in early 2006 with several attacks on Nigeria's oil infrastructure that have cut daily production by about one quarter, as well as a sophisticated media campaign involving e-mailing press releases to coincide with the attacks. It created headlines in Nigeria when it announced it would participate in peace talks if they were mediated by United States President Jimmy Carter or actor George Clooney. It also claimed the organization was considering a cease-fire after receiving an "appeal" by Senator Barack Obama, who denied making it in the first place.

Illo annunciava su creation in le prime de 2006 con plure attaccos al infrastructura de petroleo de Nigeria, creante un dimunition de production quotidian de un quarte parte, e etiam un campania de pressa incricate, con inviar notitias al pressa al tempore del attaccos. Illo creava titulos de pressa in Nigeria quando illo annunciava que illo participara in discussiones de pace si illos esserea mediata per Presidente del Statos Unite Jimmy Carter o le actore George Clooney. Illo asseva etiam que le organisation considerava un cessa-le-foco post reciper un "appello" de senator Barack Obama, qui negava iste assertion.

Okah was deported from Angola in February 2008 and, charged with 62 counts of treason, terrorism, illegal possession of firearms and arms trafficking, faces the death penalty. He claims to be "championing the disenfranchised residents of the Delta region, who see little benefit from the oil being pumped out from under them." Okah's lawyer, Femi Falana, claims the Nigerian government offered to buy him off by granting ownership of several oil blocks, though he refused. The trial, which began in April 2008, will be held in private, because President Umaru Yar'Adua says it would "jeopardize national security". Lawyers for Okah say a closed trial is an infringement of his rights and have asked a superior court to overturn the decision. Okah esseva deportate de Angola in februario 2008 e, con 62 accusationes de traition, terrorismo, illegal possession de armas de foco e commercio de armas, ille affronta esser condemnate a morte. Ille assere que ille "advoca le residentes del Delta region sin suffragio, qui vide parve beneficio del petroleo que es pumpata ex le terra sub illes." Le advocato legal de Okah, Femi Falana, assere que le governamento nigerian le offereva le possession de plure blocos de petroleo, ma ille lo refusava. Le judicio, que comenciava in april 2008, essera facite in private, proque Presidente Umaru Yar'Adua dice que illo va "mitter in periculo le securitate national". Advocatos pro Okah dice que un judicio claudite es un infringimento de su derectos e ha demandava a un corte superior que illes inverter del decision.

Map of Nigeria numerically showing states typically considered part of the Niger Delta region: 1. Abia, 2. Akwa Ibom, 3. Bayelsa, 4. Cross River, 5. Delta, 6. Edo, 7.Imo, 8. Ondo, 9. Rivers Click to view
Map of Nigeria numerically showing states typically considered part of the Niger Delta region: 1. Abia, 2. Akwa Ibom, 3. Bayelsa, 4. Cross River, 5. Delta, 6. Edo, 7.Imo, 8. Ondo, 9. Rivers


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