What season is it on Mars right now?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Image:Gusev Crater, Mars.jpg
I just noticed that doing a search for the title (What season is it on Mars?) doesn't turn up any good search results in the first page, so I'm making this post for any future seekers on the seasons on Mars. Here's the page you want to look at, from planetary.org.

Right now it's July 2008, so we're just barely past this:

Ls = 90°
Northern Summer / Southern Winter
2008 Jun 25
and beginning to head towards this:
Ls = 180°
Northern Autumn / Southern Spring
2008 Dec 26
The Mars Rovers are both in the southern hemisphere. Spirit is in the Gusev Crater:
Gusev Crater is a crater on the planet Mars and is located at 175.4°E 14.6°S
And Opportunity is in Meridiani Planum:
Meridiani Planum is a plain located 2 degrees south of Mars' equator (centered at 0.2° N, 257.5°E), in the westernmost portion of Terra Meridiani.
Which is why Opportunity has more power at the moment.


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