News in Occidental from late July 2008 on B-52 bomber in Guam, arrest of Radovan Karadzic, the European Union, etc.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Li Universitá de Guam. Image-fonte:

Every once in a while you'll see some news in Occidental on their Yahoo! Group here, and to give the language more publicity I put it up here and translate it into English.

The 21st of July 2008, Monday
- Un strategic bombarda-avion US-américan de long distantie B-52 ha cadet homatine che li base militari US-américan in li ínsul Guam. Probábilmen omni six membres del equip ha perdit su vive. Li ínsul Guam es in li Pacífic Oceane ye circum six mill kilometres sud-westmen de Hawaii.
A strategic American long-distance B-52 bomber has crashed this morning in the American military base in the island of Guam. Most likely all six members of the group have lost their lives. The island Guam is in the Pacific Ocean about 6000 kilometres southwest of Hawaii.
- Radovan Karadžić, un fugitor accusat pro crímines militari del Júdicie Críminal International por li ex-Yugoslavia, ha esset arrestat in Serbia.
Radovan Karadžić, a fugitive accused of military crimes from the International Criminal Court of the ex-Yugoslavia, has been arrested in Serbia.
- Russia e China ha subscrit un pacte demarcant lor frontiera long ye 4 300 kilometres e finient plu quam 40 annus de negociationes.
Russia and China have signed a pact demarcating their long border 4,300 in length and finished after over 40 years of negotiations.
The 23rd of July 2008, Wednesday
- Li Union Europan ha cessat payamentes a du agentias bulgaric pro suspectiones pri corruption e crímine organisat.
The European Union has stopped payments to two Bulgarian agencies due to suspicion of corruption and organized crime.


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