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Monday, July 21, 2008

Members of the Union pour la Méditerranée, as launched in July 2008.Blue: European Union membersGreen: African Union (in Africa) and other membersStriped green: Observer members
Membres del Union por li Mediterraneo, quam lansat in julí 2008.
Blu: Membres del Union Europan
Verdi: Membres del Union African (in Africa) e altri membres
Verdi con radies: Observator-membres

Every week or so on the Occidental Yahoo! Group there's some news from the past week in Occidental and I think it deserves a bit more publicity so I'm reproducing it here with my translation in English underneath. Here's the post from yesterday with last week's news.

The 13th of July 2008, Sunday
- Rebelles de Taliban ha mortat nin soldates US-américan in Nuristan e Kunar, provincias in nord-ost Afghanistan. Pro li númere crescent de defetes in battallies contra rebelles, li regime de George Bush intente augmentar li actual númere de plu quam sixant mill soldates in Afghanistan, precipue del Unit States de América. Durant li mensu recent, rebelles afghan ha mortat 28 soldates US-américan.
Taliban rebels have killed nine American soldiers in Nuristan and Kunar, provinces in northeast Afghanistan. Because of the rising number of defeats in battles against rebels, the George Bush regime intends to augment the current number of more than sixty thousand soldiers in Afghanistan, mainly from the United States of American. During the recent month, Afghan rebels have killed 28 American soldiers.
- In Paris, convenida de tal-nominat Union por li Mediterraneo, organisat del francesi presidento Nicolas Sarkozy, ha comensat. Ti ci union vole unificar landes del UE e altri landes limitant con li Mediterraneo.
In Paris, the assembly of the so-called Union for the Mediterranean, organized by the French president Nicolas Sarkazy, has begun. This union wishes to unify lands from the European Union and other lands bordering with the Mediterranean.
The 14th of July 2008, Monday

- Pos li bankruptie de IndyMac, un californian hypotheca-bank, li guvernament US-américan ha declarat, que it va subsidiar du maxim grand hypotheca-bankes, Freddie Mac e Fannie, bankruptie de quel vell posser devenir cause de grav problemas por li economie US-américan.
After the bankruptcy of IndyMac, a Californian mortgage bank (should be written hipoteca, I believe), the American government has declared that it will subsidize the largest mortgage banks, Freddie Mac and Fannie, the bankruptcy of which would be able to become the cause of serious problems for the American economy.
- In sud-Francia, li actora celebri US-américan Angelina Jolie ha yer parturit gemelles: un filio e un filia. Li patre es li actoro Brad Pitt.
In South France, the famous actress Angelina Jolie has yesterday given birth to twins: a boy and a girl. The father is the actor Brad Pitt.
The 16th of July, Wednesday
- Mikhaíl Khodorkóvski, exchefo de Yúkos, ha petit un libertá conditional. Su juristes ha dit, que il vole, que russ presidento Dmítri Medvédev realisa su promesse constructer júdicies índependent.
Mikhail Khodorkovski, ex-head of Yukos, has requested conditional liberty. His attorney have said that he hopes that the Russian president Dmitri Medvedev fullfils his promise to construct independent trials.
The 18th of July, Friday
- Rey Albert II de Belgia ha rejectet li demission de prim ministro Yves Leterme, pro ke null compromisse ha esset attinget pri transferte de competenties al regiones.
King Albert II of Belgium has rejected the abdication of prime minister Yves Leterme, as (should be proque I believe) no compromise has been reached on transfer of powers to the regions.
The 19th of July, Saturday
- Un explosion de hematrimen fat bombes che convoy militari in li parte índic de Kashmir ha mortat nin e vúlnerat deciquar índic soldates.
An explosion of three homemade bombs in a military convoy in the Indian part of Kashmir has killed nine and wounded fourteen Indian soldiers.


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