Visualizing size in the universe

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A lot of people will know about this and similar videos already but if you don't take a look:

It shows the relative sizes of Mercury, then Mars, then Venus, then Earth, then Neptune, then Saturn, then Jupiter, then the Sun, then Sirius, then Arcturus, then Rigel, then Betelgeuse, then Antares, then MY Cephei, then W Cephei.

There are dozens and dozens of similar videos on YouTube and they're all mostly the same subject though some of them are also connected to weird religions or sites.

Apparently the best freeware available for seeing what the universe looks like in detail is Celestia. I used to have a slow computer and never downloaded it, but I think I will now. Here it is showing Jupiter, Europa and Io for example:

Image:Celestia Europe Io Jupiter.jpg


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