Online Turkic language / dialect dictionary (Türk Lehçeleri Sözlüğü)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just in case you're curious how words differ between the Turkic languages, here's an online dictionary that lays them all out on one page, which is very convenient.

Too bad it turns the results into an image instead of text that can be copied, but besides that it's quite good. Let's take a look at some words:

Turkish su (water):
  • Uzbek: suvàk
  • Uygur: su
  • Kazakh: suv
Well, that's pretty much the same. How about tütün for tobacco?

  • Kazakh: temeki
  • Turkmen: temmäki
  • Uyghur: tamaka
(btw I'm not including the ones that are the same as Turkish)

Now that's interesting, because the Mongolian word for tobacco is тамхи (tamhi). In Korean it's tambae (담배). Hmm. Could be a coincidence of course.


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