Nonni e Manni: part 6

Monday, May 05, 2008

Time for part 6 of the Ido translation of this Icelandic tale from German. Here are the other two parts. Also don't forget that I'm trying to make the English as close to the original Ido as possible so sometimes it'll be awkward on purpose.

-- Ma me komprus un chipa. Me tu pregas, patro: me tante deziras lernar!
-- But I'd buy a cheap one. I ask you, father: I so much want to learn!
Mea patro ridetas.
My father smiled.
"To esez! Pro ke tu tante deziras, irez komprar fluteto lada. Tu igos skribar olua preco en mea konto."
"So be it! Because you want it so much, go and buy a little plain one. (Note: The document says lada but I assume it's supposed to be leda, meaning ugly or plain.) You will get (them to) write its price in my account.
Me vivace dankis e kuris al kompro. Un mi-horo plu tarde, me esis proprietero di miniona fluteto.
I lively thanked (him) and ran to the purchase. One half hour later, I was an owner of a darling little flute.
De lore, mea jorni omna konsumesis en exercado senfina. Tanta esis mea diligenteso, ke me balde savis plear omna arii quin me konocis. Me entrenis me precipue a flutagar soni lenta e penetranta.
From then, my days were all consumed in endless training. So much was my diligence, that I soon knew (how) to play all the airs that I knew. I trained myself mostly in 'fluting' slow and penetrating sounds.
Ha! se me povabus previdar la terorigiva dolori quin mea sorciva fluto esis atraktonta pos poka dii sur me e mea frateto, me quik jetabus ol aden fairo.
Ha! if I could have foreseen the terrible pains that my sorcerous flute was to attract after a few days on me and my little brother, I would have tossed it straight away into the fire.
Ma nula presento trublis mea spirito, e me joyoz e sensucia renkontre iris al danjeri qui me guatis.
But no foreboding troubled my spirit, and I joyously and without worry went off to encounter the dangers that laid in wait for me.


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