Modern Indo-European to be presented in Toulouse, July 1 2008

Thursday, May 29, 2008

On's recent events page there's a bit about an upcoming language forum in Toulouse, France, where a huge number of languages are going to be presented including theirs. Anybody nearby Touluse that could drop by? I'm really curious as to how they will be presenting the language.

Here's what the page says:

On Sunday 1st June, in the Place du Capitole, stands will present more than 120 languages, represented by more than 80 associations and individuals interested in sharing their knowledge. A professor responsible for the Russian language stand, and recent member of the Indo-European Language Association, will also share information about the Proto-Indo-European language revival project for the European Union.

We believe it is a great oportunity for those interested in joining Proto-Indo-European revival to contact nearby colleagues, and to cooperate and create a permanent, self-governing PIE revival group in France; and maybe also in other countries, given the international projection of Toulouse.

You can download the official programme (PDF) in the website of the Carrefour Culturel Arnaud-Bernard.


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