Kentucky should change its name back to Transylvania

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Something I found out about a year or two back, and just remembered today as the Democratic Party is having their primaries in Kentucky and Oregon today: the area where Kentucky is used to be known as Transylvania. Well, most of it was in Kentucky anyway.

I have no reason for saying this other than the fact that Transylvania as a name blows Kentucky out of the water in terms of coolness. Even the etymology for Kentucky is boring:

"The most likely etymology is that it comes from an Iroquoian word for "meadow" or "prairie" (c.f. Mohawk kenhtà:ke, Seneca këhta’keh)." Snore.

The Wilderness Road and the Transylvania purchase.
The Wilderness Road and the Transylvania purchase.

So, why not? Mr. X lives in Louisville, Transylvania. Mrs. Y comes from Frankfort, Transylvania. Sounds great.


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