Ecclesiastes in Bulgarian plus ambient and Castlevania music

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Over at you can get mp3s for each chapter in the Bible, in Bulgarian of course. Today after sitting down at Starbucks though I started out by writing something instead of listening to the mp3s like I usually do, so while I was at it I listened to a normal song at the same time. After the song was over I then switched to the Bulgarian mp3s but after listening to real music it felt really hollow to just hear a guy talking with nothing in the background and maybe that's the reason why I couldn't concentrate as well as I should have. So after coming home today I decided to add some background music to each of the Bulgarian mp3s, so I put two ambient / trip-hop songs on the first two, and the rest have a combination of background music from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, my favourite Castlevania game and one of my favourite games ever.

And they sound wonderful. Sounds a bit like spoken word on top of music like you hear in some songs (Tom Waits, but with a normal voice and different music). We'll see if this actually helps out when studying though. My guess is yes, because 12 mp3s comes out to a total of 45 minutes or so and it's easy to start to drift off during the middle. Hopefully with music to anchor me during the whole thing I'll be able to concentrate throughout all twelve.

If you want me to send a copy of one of the songs/mps I'll be glad to do so. Ecclesiastes in Bulgarian plus Castlevania music is probably a bit of an acquired taste for most though.


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