Ecclesiastes in Bulgarian: 7:5 - 7:7

Sunday, April 20, 2008

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Update: Doing a little bit every day I wasn't really paying attention to the overall progress and I see that I'm now about halfway through. If you haven't been reading the posts since the beginning, this is pretty much for my own purposes as I started learning Bulgarian in January and thought I'd try a different approach, that of memorizing a whole book and then seeing if that helps with collocation and context. That is, for a language like German it's easy to expose yourself to reams and reams of content but Bulgarian is much harder that way, so my theory is that repeated exposure to a single source of content in the beginning will be really helpful. Of course grammar needs to be learned as well, but that won't be the only focus.

I've written the English content of Ecclesiastes in pen below the Bulgarian version to study with every day, but once this is done I'll put it all in one post and print it out, because the meaning is slightly different, as is the word order. I'm hoping that I'll be able to memorize the whole thing within the next month or two, and then I'll be able to tell whether this is a brilliant new method or nothing special.

  • 7:5 По-добре е човек да слуша изобличение от мъдрия,
    отколкото да слуша песен от безумните;
По-добре (better) е (is) човек (man) да (to) слуша (hear) изобличение (rebuke) от (from) мъдрия (wise man),
отколкото (than) да (to) слуша (hear) песен (song) от (from) безумните (the fools);

  • 7:6 защото какъвто е шумът на тръните под котела,
    такъв е смехът на безумния. И това е суета.
защото (because) какъвто (as) е (is) шумът (the noise) на (of) тръните (the thorns) под (under) котела (the cauldron),
такъв (so) е (is) смехът (the voice) на (of) безумния (the fool). И (and) това (this) е (is) суета (vanity).

  • 7:7 Наистина изнудването прави мъдрия да обезумява;
    и подарък покварява сърцето.
Наистина (indeed) изнудването (the blackmail/oppression?) прави (does) мъдрия (the wise) да (to) обезумява (go insane);
и (and) подарък (a gift) покварява (corrupts) сърцето (the heart).

Surely oppression maketh a wise man mad; and a gift destroyeth the heart.


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